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does In-Market Audiences uses search as an indicator of intent ?

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hello everyone !; Im trying to establish weather to find cheaper ways to reach a very expensive sector ( finance / lending ) and I thought that GDN could be an alternative , but Im not sure if choosing In-Market Audiences will help me to reach people that has been searching for , "loans", on the GDN.., is In-Market Audiences or Custom Affinity Audiences the way to reach "searchers " on display ?

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August 2016

Re: does In-Market Audiences uses search as an indicator of intent ?

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Out of the two you are asking about, I would definitely go with in-market audiences.   Affinity lists, even custom ones, are designed more for reach, and based of very general browsing behavior. (A little bit too general in my opinion.) In-market lists zero in on more specific shopping/research type behavior.


A third option, which is your best choice in my opinion, is a similar audience based on your remarketing list.  You specifically have to create a manual remarketing list for a similar audience to be created. The automatic all visitors list that is created when you install your tag will not generate one.  This is assuming that none of your products imply a negative financial situation. In that case, remarketing is not allowed.

Re: does In-Market Audiences uses search as an indicator of intent ?

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Custom Affinity audiences enable you to further segment any interest based audience depending on your needs. It allows you to create your own audience segment based on your brand's relevancy and goals.


In-market audience is based on the users who are actively searching for the products and services across GDN and Youtube Network.


Google takes into account the following things while creating In-market audience segments:


1. Clicks on related Ads and subsequent conversions

2. Content of the sites and pages being browsed

3. Recency and Frequency of the visits


So,, In-market Audience is what you should target based on your requirements. Please refer to the below link for more details:


Do let me know if you need any further help.




Re: does In-Market Audiences uses search as an indicator of intent ?

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Hey Marian,

I have to agree with David on this, In-Market followed by Similar Audiences would be your best bet for targeting audiences that are more relevant to your business.

For the Similar Audiences, I recommend you build a list basis the users who have successfully taken up a loan online or transacted online as these actions are more advanced in terms of interaction that a user can have on your website. This list would yield more relevant leads for you and help you build out your list even better in the future.

Hope this Helps!

Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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