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display url

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how to optimize the use of display url 

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September 2015

Re: display url

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Hi Although this is a very generic question 

1. Make sure you have tightly build adgroups and you use relevant keywords in that perticular adgroup in your display URL

2. In some cases you can also use DKI to make this process easier

3. Also make sure the display URL gives clear idea to user about what to expect on destination URL page

Home this helps

Regards, Nik
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Re: display url

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Display URl is the extra added real estate to the Quality Score consideration ,You should alwyas look for the keywords in your Ad and look for the USP (unique selling proposition )


  1. Go through the keywords
  2. Write proper head line and decriptions
  3. write USP or adgp theme to the display url
  4. dont try to repeat keywords in display url
  5. you can use one of your keyword also