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display campaigns for topic targeting?

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I want to create a topic targeted display campaign to run alongside my keyword display campaign.


Is this a good idea?  Will it get me more revenue, or will it just steal from my keyword targeted campaign?

Re: display campaigns for topic targeting?

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If you have keywords and topics in the same adgroup you will be focusing on a combination of topics and keywords. Which means you will be targeting specific users who are very relevant to your campaign but also limiting your reach.

For example:

Topic: Programming

Keyword: Java

This means your ads will be shown on websites listed under programming but only on pages which are matching your keyword Java

Hope this makes sense


Regards, Nik
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Re: display campaigns for topic targeting?

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So you have 2 different campaigns with 2 different targeting methods. I suppose this is because you want to limit the budget for both targeting methods until you can test the profitability.

It is difficult to anticipate the revenue gain by targeting topics , but as Niks suggested you could try ti target topics+keywords for more relevant traffic. The intention to buy could be stronger for visitors of pages which match a topic and a keyword.

From my experience targeting only a topic brings more traffic than targeting an ad group to just a theme of keywords.