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display campaign: Same Placement in three diferent adgroups

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We have one placements in three adroups like

display keywords adgroup

Topic adgroup

Interest adgroup


From all these adgroup we get conversions(from one placement) but with different conversion rate.


My questions is this a good idea to have one placements in different adgroups, i am afraid its competing each other and making high cpc.

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Re: display campaign: Same Placement in three diferent adgroups

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Hi Balaji j,

In the Display Network you are not limited to a single impression on a page, so your ad can show multiple times. You have different targeting for the 3 adGroups for those placements. I don't think that's a bad idea.

It's also a good idea to watch the conversion results. If all three are producing profitable conversions, keep them all. If any are not producing profit for you, I would pause or delete that one placement.

Your ads don't really compete against each other in the sense that it would cause a higher CPC for you. They would compete for position, in a sense, in the the one with the higher adRank would show higher on the page, assuming 2 ads are eligible for the same page. Your real competition is other advertisers.

Best of Luck!

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