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display ads - not getting click

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pls help me out why i am not getting clicks for display ads..i have created display ads also got approved but i have no idea on how to get the clicks for display ads..


Please shaare your ideas..given below is my current screenshot..






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Re: display ads - not getting click

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There are a few things that might cause this... these are listed in no particular order of likeliness (if that makes sense!)
- you set up te ads yesterday - but the report is for a previous date period - make sure you select Today or This month to include latest impressions

- your billing details are not up to date or your account is not funded - without funds the ads wont run

- you have your targeting set to tight - be careful when you select the targets that you are sure about target and bid and bid only.... if you set a geo target and then a placement and then a couple of demographics and some interests and all are set to target and bid you might have unwittingly reduced your target group to next to nothing

- your ads aren't scheduled to run

There could be others but check these first - you'll probably find at least part of the solution in here.

Re: display ads - not getting click

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Hi Pricol


Always make sure to increase your max CPC when starting a new Display Campaign. Display Ads need to have a boost at the beginning in order to start running. After a few days decrease it to the desirable CPC.

I have also seen in the past that for some ads, even if they were approvedm they needed about 3-4 hours to start running.

If Language and Location Targeting are correct, as well as billing and start dates are OK, and despite your increase in CPC ( try to use also accelearate delivery ), your ads are still not showing, duplicate this campaign and start it again with higher cpc's this time.


Re: display ads - not getting click

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I'd forgotten that! I often kick start the GDN campaign with very high bids - Linda is absolutely right, they sometimes need this.
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Re: display ads - not getting click

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Hi Pricol,

We also need to know what targeting method you using in this campaign? Manage placements? Keywords No Keywords? Automatic Placements?

With the screenshot and no account information we can only predict multiple scenario but will some information in hand we can give you solution quickly.


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