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directing advertisers to specific site placements in adWords?

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Good day,


Basically, every now and then, we get emails from advertisers interested in getting a quote for ad placement on our site.


and since we do not have a sales department, we figured that if only we could direct them to adWords with managed placements pre-selected, and even nicer if the "website placements" suggestions listed were only the ad placement of our site.


I tried looking it up without any luck, therefore your help is much appreciate it,



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Re: directing advertisers to specific site placements in adWords?

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Hello there;

If I understood correctly, you are on the publisher side. Advertisers could select "managed placemen(e.g.  your website) from a list, or add the site manually;.


However; do remember, that targeting the site does not necessarily mean that the ad will be shown. The ad of a specific  advertiser competes for an "ad positions", with other ads, that were found eligible to be shown. (Using placements or any other targeting method available).


Read more:

Add, edit, and delete managed placements


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Re: directing advertisers to specific site placements in adWords?

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Thank you for your reply which did help me get a higher understanding of how managed placements work and made me realize that my idea was not feasible.

On the other hand and to give you a better explanation of the issue (maybe Google would take it into consideration).

My idea is about a website (more like an adWords account) could have a public adWord portfolio page (displaying only the website ad placements) that can be reached by advertisers seeking to advertise specifically on that website.

This way, instead of having to manage a sales team to respond to prospects, one could easily redirect them to his adWord public page, where they can chose to login or sign up to proceed with placing their ads on the website they are seeking to advertise on.

I think it's a good idea cause it will definitely help website owners to serve/respond to interested advertisers without the need of forming a sales team; while at the same time it will help redirecting and introducing new advertisers to Google adWords solutions. so basically it's a win/win situation.

Again thank you for your time and help, and hopefully my suggestion gets taken into consideration.