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decreasing QS

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Hi guys,

I have a question regarding to my AdWords campaign. I conducted a keyword research and provided a list of good keywords to use on Adwords campaign. At first, when I uploaded the list to AdWords, the QS for most of the keywords was great. I had around 30% QS=10 or 9 and there were no QS less than 5. Because of it, the first page bids were so reasonable. After a while, I mean 15-16 hours, keywords’ QS started to decrease and now, I do not have even one keyword with the QS=10 or 9, while there is a full bunch of keywords with QS < 5. The problem is that I have to pay more for the keywords right now. What’s going on? What is the problem with my keywords? Is it normal? Is there anything to do for increasing my QS?

I really appreciate if somebody can advise me on this matter.



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Re: decreasing QS

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Hello Nariman,


Normally, when you upload the keywords in an account, the Quality Score assigned to you is actually based on the historical performance of those keywords and how well or how worse those keywords were being used by the other advertisers.


Now, once you start accruing data, your account's keywords will start getting the original Quality Score based on what stats you have gathered like what is your CTR, ad rank etc... So the chances are that QS might improve or go down depending on how you are using them.


So ideally you should start looking at the CTR, Ad Rank and your ad extensions as well and improve on these metrics to gain high QS.


You can read the detailed discussion on QS here: