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converted clicks goes down in the past 7 days, what's the problem

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My account haven't get more converted clicks than before. I didn't change anything about my account except the bids.

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Re: converted clicks goes down in the past 7 days, what's the problem

Community Manager
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Community Manager

Hi Ellen,


Thanks for posting to the Community. There are many reasons that your conversions may have decreased, and we will not necessarily be able to find the answer for you on this forum since it's probably due to a number of factors, some likely outside of AdWords. But I can give you a few suggestions to get you started:


1. Consider a longer time period. If you get 10 conversions in a given week, then a decrease in 5 conversion will seem like a lot--but if you compare that to a period with more conversions, it is not as large a percentage. Likewise, your conversions might be more volatile if you are tracking online leads vs. sales

2. Check your conversion tracking (Tools > Conversions) to make sure your code is still in place

3. You can check the Auction Insights Report to see if any of your competitors' impression share has dramatically changed

4. Take a look at this thread as a starting point--there are some great suggestions of other factors to look at too


Hope this helps,