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conversion drop pattern and reach of unique users/cookies

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target group size: 50 million cookies.

display campaign, set and forget, sort of an Run Of category style of campaign 

selling: 1 product.




1st 10 days: 100 conversions/day

then for the rest of campaign lifetime (3 years) 10 conversions/day.





the dilema is 


when fresh campaigns/product first reaches TG the most impulsive TG segment buys fast, later (ofcourse) conversions drop due to various factors.




im always only reaching a portion of potential TG, because CPA would have to rise over my profit line to be able to reach all potential buyers in a manner to allow slower conversion count drop.






why is it always exactly the same Smiley Happy is this a feature (adwords squeezing the whole marginal profit ,... maximizing its revenue) or only 'product life end',...


its normal for a new product to sell best, but its not normal for say 200 products to always drop sale volume at exactly the same rate,...




question indeed:


any suggestions how to 'prolong' good conversion performance per product?



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Re: conversion drop pattern and reach of unique users/cookies

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Hi Andrej
Welcome to the community.

First of all, what you are experiencing is completely normal. We see it too. However, it's definitely not "AdWords squeezing the whole marginal profit" as you put it Smiley Happy

I think this is down to simple human behaviour. You have to remember, you're never going to convert 100% of customers. In fact, the majority of your visitors will never buy from you for various reasons. You can "recoup" lost visitors in the "almost, but not quite ready to buy" category through remarketing and sometimes some "stragglers" who for example want to buy but just haven't got the funds until payday. Again, this is normal.

The drop off in the tail (I could have sworn I saw images in your post previously) is, in my opinion, a healthy sign. It shows that you're doing everything right on the front end AND back end.

As for your last question, that's actually one worth discussing (not that the other wasn't!). What we've tried and have been successful with is adding time sensitive coupon codes to creatives. Add a timer to the creative too (either statically or dynamically using scripts). Couple this with BROAD (and I mean VERY VERY BROAD) keyword targeting for RSLAs and you can reach, at the very least, those who've put off the purchase until they have the money.

Again, what you are seeing is normal. There's only so much blood you can get from a stone Smiley Happy