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can i use more than 25 character in ad-copy headline

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Hi Frd,


I need more than 25 character in headline. actually i want to use keywords but there is character limit.


Please help me.....




Re: can i use more than 25 character in ad-copy headline

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Hi Manav, It's said that the best headline is 26 characters long...

Although you can't really have a headline outside of 25 characters (other than through some random Google beta test) there are a few things that I have done to work around it.

1. Abbreviate the keywords, if there is a common abbreviation. "Apartments" becomes "Apts."
2. Only use a few words of your keyword. The words will still be bolded, even if it is not the exact same phrase. "Kitchen Cheese Graters For Sale" becomes "Kitchen Cheese Graters"
3. Don't included the keyword in the headline, but instead in the description text. Going with the last theme, "Kitchen Cheese Graters For Sale" becomes"Cheese too blocky?" and then put the keyword "Kitchen Cheese Graters For Sale" in the description.

I'm sure there are other ways around it, but these are probably the most common that I do. Anyone else have any good ideas?