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campaign structure dilemma

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I need your opinion...


I m building an adword account for an organisation that offers the same range of services but for different children group age. The campaigns will target the same geolocation. Since a lot of  services are the same from one age group to another (daycare etc), I am trying to find a strategic structure with no keywords repetition.


I am afraid that if I structure the account according to the age groups ( 1 campaign by age group and the adgroups would be the services), i will have a lot of similar adgroups (same keywords but different ads).

I am thinking organizing it by services:

 - Main similar services (organized in campaigns) then the agroups would be organised according to ages

 - Also I would add campains that are very specific services that are different from one group age to another...


Am I thinking right?


Thank you for your help Smiley Happy

Re: campaign structure dilemma

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Hi Charlotte,

If you use one campaign per age group, you should then consider using Phrase and Exact match types for your keywords. That way you'll have a lot more control on how they are triggered, and less chance that they'll compete themselves. More info about this here:

I guess that thinking about the use of Match Types is the best thing for you, since you have a bunch of similar keywords. It' add a little more work to manage and create the structure, but you'll have solid results with no interference from one another.

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click