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campaign performance - how to help the downturn

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any help here is appreciated

i run a life insurance ppc search campaign which has been live for 2 years and overall its has done very well but i got hit  a few months ago with alot of Trademark disapprovals so had to chg ads to be generic without any brand terms.


The campaign was still ok for a while but recently in the last 10 days i can hardly get a click never mind a conversion.


Funnily enough all my Keywords Quality Scores have improved but it feels my campaign is somehow either taken a downturn or being penalised by google.


My overall impression share is 78.8% but the last 2 months has gone down to 64% which wont help.


These are things i have tried without any success


Changed ad rotation to optimise for clicks


increased kw bids via ad schedule by 5% to increase ad position.


Paused low impress keywords.


Tried a few different ads.


Im in a position now where i cant increase my bids anymore as they are already expensive but not sure where to go wit hthis or where to start.


Has anybody else experienced anything similar and improved things. I feel now as though i wont get another conversion from google.


overall CTR 6.7% ( last 2 months 4% )


overall conversion rate 25% ( last 2 months 14% )


CTR slowly dropping daily.


many thanks in advance





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Re: campaign performance - how to help the downturn

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Can you check a few things before we dig further deep into it:
- Where have you seen the drop from - Search IS or Search Exact match IS?
- Is the drop due to Rank or Budget?
- Do compare your Google Search and Google Partners data before and after the drop and share your findings. i.e. Google Search vs. Google Search and Google Partners vs. Google Partners before and after the drop.
- Your CTR drop - Is it from Google Search or Google Partners?


Re: campaign performance - how to help the downturn

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Hi Ashish

Thanks for responding
This month

Search Impression share is 64.17%

Search Lost IS Rank is 35.83%

Search Exact Match IS is 87.12%

Budget is fine

Having compared this months to last month overall i have a 44% drop in impressions and a 45% drop in clicks so im assuming this is the issue.

I only run about 500 keywords in a very good campaign so any drop in impressions hits me hard due to so few keywords.

Funny thing is i run 2 campaigns for different products in the same google account and havent had a lead from either.

Very strange, hopefully its an end of month issue and i hope it improves starting a new month



Re: campaign performance - how to help the downturn

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Hi Mac,

As suggested, please check the Impressions/Clicks drop by Network i.e. Google Search and Search Partners, doing before and after analysis.

If the drop is from Google Partners then you can not do much about it as it's not in our control. But if the drop is from Google Search then we have to check
- whether it is due to drop in your position
- is this drop on some selected keywords or all across the account?
- do check the search trend of the keywords (in Google Trends) where you have seen big drop in Imp/Clicks, it may be because people are searching less and many a times it's been seen that the traffic generally starts to drop at the month end and start to pick up early in the month.


Re: campaign performance - how to help the downturn

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@987mac "only" 500 Keywords?  For a single product offering, 500 sounds like a lot to me.  Do all these Keywords convert, and convert consistently?  If not, are you seeing a shift in spend or performance with some Keywords "hogging" budget?


I've many times seen Accounts where nothing much seems to have changed but what's happened is that spend has shifted within the list of Keywords and lower performing Keywords grab more of the budget.  The overall spend is the same, but the higher performing Keywords are now given less opportunity to convert so conversions, CVR etc go down.

Look through your Keywords over time and see if you can spot significant % changes in spend (and/or clicks/impressions).  Using the compare feature for dates is good for this because you can then sort the view by % change.



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