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calculating keyword value

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how do you know which keywords are valuable without conversion rate? just vs the average cpc and placement?

Is there an equation I can use to calculate value by comparing keywords of my past campaign?

Re: calculating keyword value

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Hi Silenuviel and welcome to the community.


Without accurate tracking you are driving blind and it's virtually impossible to know how well your individual keywords are performing. Yes, you may be able to work out if you are getting more business from the campaign (increase in enquiries or phone calls), but not what is and isn't working.


If it's not possible to get conversion tracking working, maybe using the data imported from analytics like time on site and average page views might help you put a blind value on your keywords. Generally, the longer and more page people view, the higher quality visitor they may be (not always the case as they may be searching your site for the info they want and some landing pages get straight to the point and can convert very quickly). But it's something you can look at if you don't have your conversion data.


I hope this helps you. Let me know if you have any other questions.