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bid strategy: Target search page location vs Maximize clicks

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A Google account strategist contacted me today about the tweaks I can do to my Adwords account.


Under bid strategy, she suggested that I select "Target search page location" so that my ads would come on top to improve visibility and chances of people clicking on the advert. When I asked her what is the diff between this strategy and "Maximize clicks", I could not really understand what she was saying.


Can anyone kindly enlighten me on their differences and also share under what kind of situations these two approaches would be suitable for?



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Re: bid strategy: Target search page location vs Maximize clicks

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Hello Jack,

Maximize clicks automatically sets bids to help you get the most clicks within a 'target spend amount' that you choose and Target search page location bid strategy automatically adjusts bids to help you get your ads to the 'top of the page or the first page' of search results.

Find more information about when to use it, in the link below.

Hope this helps,

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Re: bid strategy: Target search page location vs Maximize clicks

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Hi Jack, the key difference is cost per click.  If your Ads appear at the top of the page they're going to cost more so for a given budget you'll get fewer clicks.  If you use the Maximise Clicks strategy you'll get more clicks, but your ad position will be lower, potentially affecting performance.

For example, if your budget was $50 a day and Ads at position #1 were typically $2 a click, you could get 25 clicks a day.  If your Ads were at position #4, their CPC might be around $1.50 (made up figures) so you could get 33 clicks per day.


Which you choose will really rely upon experimentation.  Ads at the top of the page display Ad extensions (sitelinks, callouts, etc.) and generally speaking get a better click through rate.  However, they do tend to cost more, so from a return on investment point of view you may find they're too expensive.


Juggling with CPC bids is one of the key Account management skills so it's important you give this some thought.



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