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[b2b] How to target larger sized companies?

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Hi all,


B2B SaaS company here:


We're running into a problem where almost 50% of our form-fill respondents are self identifying as a small company (1-9 employees). Through feedback from sales, we're finding that these folks are hardly ever a formidable lead and for us to make it harder for them to make it to a sales rep's queue (lead scoring).


This has been an age old problem for us -- but if nearly 50% of our ad spend is going towards users that will never get contacted, how can we pivot and shift our strategy and budget to reach larger company sizes?


Some thoughts:

  • Pre-qualify the click in the ad copy (use "... for larger businesses/enterprises")
  • Campaign against larger business/enterprise keywords
  • Look at back-end data to identify drivers of larger sized leads vs. smaller sized leads.

Would love to hear if any of you are experiencing similar issues, and what you're doing to solve.


Thanks in advance!

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[b2b] How to target larger sized companies?

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Fourth option:

All the above:

Ad-copy, negative keywords, well and clearly explained  landing page  about the business  the software is designed for, and lastly,  consider  a display campaign, targeted only to the relevant audience.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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[b2b] How to target larger sized companies?

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I completely agree with @MosheTLV. That's what makes identifying and optimizing only for a B2B audience so difficult. You have to try and filter users at every step of the funnel. The website is where you have the most opportunity to identify your specific target market.


The catch is, if you have overall lead quotas to fill - Fewer higher value leads actually meet your overall advertising goal, but might not look as good to the sales team. Smiley Happy Somewhere someone has to give, or the various departments will have to come to some understanding that this is the way it is at this point. 


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