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audience based on the number of session

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Hi Everybody ,

I recently read the following tip :


"Improve your purchase conversion rate by increasing the bids for users that have visited your site an optimal number of times before purchase. Save this idea »

Tell me more:
If you're running or thinking about running PPC campaigns, this is a great idea to try. But before you can set up the campaign correctly, you need to know the optimal number of times a visitor visits your site before they convert to customers.

You can view the split of conversions by number of channel interactions in Google Analytics. This data can be extremely useful for modifying bids on Google AdWords. For example, a bathroom retailer might find that their most profitable website visitors visit their site twice before making a purchase.

You can see where the biggest chunk of revenue is generated from users who visit the site X times before proceeding to make a purchase. With this in mind, try increasing bids for users who have visited the site X - 1 times previously but not yet made a purchase."

However, i am confused because i am not quite sure to know if it is actually possible to create a audience list based on the number of session.

Is there anybody here who knows if it is possible or no ? If yes, how ?

Thanks a lot

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Re: audience based on the number of session

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Hi Julie,


It is possible to create an audience list based on the number of sessions, however you will need to create the audience in Google Analytics as opposed to Google AdWords. 


Follow the instructions in the link above and navigate to Audience Definition > Create New > Behavior. Update the "Sessions" to greater than X -1 (as described in your example) and transactions to 0 per user.


Please note that while this seems like a solid strategy, the amount of impressions going to users who have visited your site multiple times divided by the total amount of available impressions on your keywords could be a very small percentage (bordering on insignificant, assuming X - 1 > 1). Good strategy but unlikely to be a silver bullet.


Hope that helps,



Jim Vaillancourt, AdWords Top Contributor, LinkedIn
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audience based on the number of session

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Thank you so much Jim


It helps A LOT