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apply negative keyword list to +1000 Camapaigns

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When applying a shared negative keyword list to more than 1000 campaigns, why do the "select all >>" button disappear? Do i really need to select them one by one?

Is it possible to do it in the Adwords editor?


Thank you very much in advance!

Re: apply negative keyword list to +1000 Camapaigns

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You also can add negative keywords from adwords account campaign too.

There are two option available for adding negative keywords
1- Campaign level
2- Ad group level
So choose the one which suits your campaign.

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Re: apply negative keyword list to +1000 Camapaigns

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Hi Alejandro,

I am not sure if there is a limit to the number of campaigns that a list can be applied to at one point of time.

Just a workaround - Try selecting a group of similar campaigns having a common word(s) and then apply, if it works this way and if there is certainly a campaign limit to apply to, the doubts will get cleared.