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advice on Optimization

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I have been running search and display campaigns for a month of jan and feb and again it will go live by end of this month.


I have seen few of my keywords in both search and display networks,  it didnt get me any clicks but  have good number of impressions. Do you think its advisable to delete those keywords which will improve my over all ctr ???


Note:  I have selected optimise for clicks to provide more clicks as my ad rotation.

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Re: Need Optimization tips

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I can offer a few "high-level" thoughts. 


First, I wouldn't recommend turning campaigns on and off except for strategic reasons. Many markets/industries perform differently during different days or the week or weeks of the month. If you're shutting down ad serving other than to capitalize on this kind of 'seasonality' then you may be missing important traffic that, when analyzed, will give you great information you can use to improve when & how your ads are served.


Second, depending on what you're advertising, you may want to think about category/interest targeting in Display, instead of keyword-based serving. If you're not sure what websites your potential customers are spending time on, selecting the kinds of "interests" that your customers have and serving your ads on those websites could produce good results for you.


Third, getting impressions but no clicks could be caused by a few different things, but on any network, it means that the people whose searches are being matched to your keywords are not finding your ads to be of interest to them.


It may be that you've chosen keywords or match types that are too general--too generic--and not closely related to what you're selling. Your ads may be being shown to a lot of people not actually interested in your product/service. Consider using more restrictive match types (avoid broad match) and avoiding really generic keywords ("buy shoes") in favor of more specific keywords ("buy running shoes on sale").


Or, your ads may just not be attractive. Go back and consider what you're selling--then read your ad text and ask yourself if the way you're describing your product/service is making it sound as appealing to buyers as possible. I won't bother to link to any of the hundreds of really excellent "writing good ads" articles you can find if you search online but I will mention that there are some good articles in the User Articles section of this Community. 


And, finally, I would not assume that using the "optimize for clicks" setting in AdWords is going to do you much good if your ads aren't actually getting clicks. Before I used that kind of optimization setting, I'd keep writing and testing new ad messaging to find ad text that produced good results--that got clicks from people interested in buying what I was selling.


Hope some of that helps!

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Re: Need Optimization tips

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That is a fabulously helpful post by Theresa.


One thing I'd like to add if I may:


Often with new campaigns I see low CTRs to begin with because you've had to guess your starting max CPC (even if you use traffic estimator), so you could be getting your ads triggered by relevant search terms but because it's a new campaign your starting bid might be causing a very low average position, which means even if lots of people trigger your ad, they are not going to look down the bottom of the page and click on 7th or 8th place very much.


But, I'd say you should really consider a mixture of everything Theresa said - my comments are just a side note.

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Re: advice on Optimization

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Hi Dreamzworld,


Search and Display work pretty differently. if they are currently in the same campaign, I would advise you to put them into 2 different campaigns. This will make it easy for your to optimize as some keywords/adtexts works in search does not necessarily means it will work in display and vice versa. Just my 2 cents.