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advice and help setting up CPM

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Hello, we have a campaign that has a primary purpose of branding. 


Currently it is set up as CPC but we are finding on the display network we are paying for clicks that are not beneficial and are considerig changing to CPM.

Has anyone had experiences switching over to CPM bidding they can share and what were the results?


I would also like advice about what bidding amount to set up for CPM.

Here is some data we got from from a monthly report -

321 833 Imp / $561.33 cost 

doing a calculation it works out to a cost of $1.74 per thousand impressions.


does that mean to continue getting about the same amount of impressions we should set up our CPM bid to $1.74?

or we could place a lower bid of say $1.00 to receive a smaller amount of impressions but at a lower cost?


thanks for any help



Re: advice and help setting up CPM

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Hello Tod S,


Welcome to the Community,


I would advise using the setting "Viewable CPM" in your case . Try bidding 0.5 $ per 1000 viewable impressions and You will get around 2-3000 " standard impressions"  along with these " viewable" for which you pay.


Test for a few days to decide an optimal bid. Activate the custom columns for "avg. Viewable CPM" (which should be lower than your Max CPM bid) and for the "Viewable impressions" to compare the count with the "standard impressions" count.


This setting has also a good  "viewable CPM CTR " because Ads should be on the screen .



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