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adult toy websites

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Hello everyone!

i run a Adult toy website

and i have quite a bite of trafic, however noone is buying anything.

does anyone know how to get people to buy or any place to adver the site?


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Re: adult toy websites

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The first step I would recommend would be to read the AdWords Policy Center guidelines to make sure you understand where and how you're allowed to advertise "adult" material.


After that, your can read about how to create and manage an AdWords campaign in the AdWords Help Center. (I would strongly encourage you to read before you begin spending money--while it's quite possible to have a very profitable advertising campaign, success usually follows really understanding the program and how to use it.

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Re: adult toy websites

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Google Employee

Hi Autumn,


In regards to advertising you could potentially use AdWords for advertising to turn some of your traffic into conversions. Your site would have to abide by our policies for "adult" content.


"Adult" products and services can only be advertised through text ads. These policies also vary by country so be sure to check that as well. 


Hope that helps. 



Re: adult toy websites

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I would say that in this case, since the search  queries are  specifics, and  since  the policy limits the ads to  be shown only  for (those) "queries that  are considered adult in nature",   then I don't think the issue is with keywords, match types or ad-copy, but rather with  the landing page (i.e the site).


Now, how to build / design an adult website which converts better.... I have no experience...

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Re: adult toy websites

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two rather obvious design issues -- not specific

to an adult oriented site in any way -- are that the
overall design looks rather dated and the logo's
graphic (on almost every page) links to another
website altogether; these two factors alone can
push users away -- both directly and indirectly.

for a more in-depth analysis of the website
the webmaster forums may help; be certain
to emphasize that the issue seems to be
getting people to stay and buy -- since
their focus is normally indexing and ranking.!forum/webmasters
also, if you do decide to ask the webmasters, be certain to
clearly mark the post's subject and site-content as NSFW.