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adds not showing despite getting clicks

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I hope someone can help with this . I have had google ad words for over a year no problem.

Then I noticed my sales were down and when I checked my ads they weren" showing but I got clicks any way. So I increased my budget and ads started showing again. A couple days later same thing, so I increased my budget again and ads started showing . Then a couple days later same thing . What is going on?. Has anyone had this problem.

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Re: adds not showing despite getting clicks

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Hi Susan;

If the campaign was running fine for a year, I would attribute the decrease in ad-rank (which you "offset" by increasing the bid) to either to rising competition  of lower QS.
Have noticed any decrease in QS?

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: adds not showing despite getting clicks

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Hi Susan,

I'm wondering - is anyone else logging into your Account and adjusting Daily Campaign Budgets?

To add to Moshe's answer, if you're concerned about missing potential relevant Clicks and Impressions, I suggest you set your Daily Campaign Budget to the Recommended Daily Budget.  This should eliminate you from having to log in every day an increase your Daily Campaign Budgets.

Have you noticed an increase in your Average CPCs lately?  If so, that could be depleting your Daily Campaign Budget much quicker than they had previously.


Also, you may consider evaluating your Impression Share - this will tell you the percentage of Impressions that you've missed, and whether you've missed them due to Campaign Budget and/or Max CPC Bids not being high enough.


Finally, when you can't find your AdWords Ads, there are a series of diagnostics you can check, and it's usually pretty easy to determine exactly why it's not showing.  The easiest one is the AdWords Ad Diagnosis and Preview Tool.