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adblock users and estimations

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Little question aboout adblocker and estimations... Does Google consider adblock users to make estimation below or Google use global monthly research on the keyword on Google ?


In the capture below, for example, this means 32,000 impressions with those using adblock took into account, or it does not take into account and it is therefore potentially less than 32,000 ...


Thank you

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Re: adblock users and estimations

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@Loïc H



It depends on how that data is pulled.  If it comes from the Adwords side, the it's accounted for because queries with adblockers blocking search ads do not serve ads.  If it's from Google search, then it's not accounted for. I honestly would not worry about it because it's just a projection anyways.  Most ad blockers are set by default to allow search ads. I think they are also classified as "acceptable ads" which is now becoming a standard for adblockers.