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ad Relevance to landing page

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What is google looking at, when it is trying to decide how relevant the ad is to the landing page.


Is it looking at landing page content or Meta descriptions, meta keywords, meta title tag?


Can someone please explain.

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September 2015

Re: ad Relevance to landing page

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Hi David,
Mainly Google wants to see that the Keywords you're buying relate to the content on your Landing Pages/website. It's looking at all facets of the Landing Page. In my experience, you'd be best served to focus on the Landing Page experience for your user. If you build a good site with good Landing Pages that gives searchers the information they need and are looking for, then you'll be in good shape.
From an algorithm standpoint, it's best to always have actual text on your pages (vs words buried in images and/or flash) and it's great to have your Keywords on your pages. However, don't over-do it with Keywords (don't be spammy). Use your Keywords on your Landing Pages, but make it flow like natural language. In regards to Meta Tags - try to keep your titles around 70 characters and descriptions around 155 characters (including spaces). Again, use your keywords, but make sure the title and description accurately describe the content of your pages.
Again, I'd focus first on giving users the information they're looking for. If you do that, satisfied searchers will hopefully lead to purchasers from you.
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Re: ad Relevance to landing page

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For me, your landing page is a home page for any first time visitor. Hence, it has to be appropriate to your ad, business and customers. When it comes to ad relevance, your landing page has to clearly portray and display the message flashed through your Adwords ad. Visitor should relate your landing page to the ad from where he came to the page. This is the relevance. Ad relevance can come through the content, CTA, design or your content presentation. These all are the key factors that determine the relevance of your ad to your landing page. The whole idea is to make the desired process simple and convenient for the visitors.