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Youtube video promotion and GDN placements

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Hello all,


I'm kinda new to the advertiser community so I hope this question won't give you any bad experience regarding newcomers.Id like to ask that as I see there's an option for Youtube video to be promoted in Google Display Network so from what I understand video would be displayed within the video streaming in these publisher videos ? 


For example I can choose to target some big online news website as manual placement but also I note that those publishers got different video player platforms. So as long as they are GDN partners and I could choose them then my video would be display regardless the differences between video player platforms ?


I hope to have your help since **bleep** would significantly affect my campaign. 

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December 2015

Re: Youtube video promotion and GDN placements

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Hi Long N,

As those publishers are a part of GDN and offer trueview ads within their video content, the player doesn't matter.
Though it may appear slightly different but if its a part of GDN then the ad will definitely appear for supported file formats.

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Re: Youtube video promotion and GDN placements

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Thank you for your dedication to respond to my question.