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Youtube TrueVuew in-stream + Standard in-stream conversions low

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So I have been experimenting with Youtube advertising for about a month and a half, and I have to say my experience with Youtube advertising has been challenging. I have been using specific placements for both Standard in-stream and TrueView in-stream campaigns and the the impression count is practically zero for youtube placements videos. I do get impressions and views for youtube channels, but the specific placement doesn't seem to bring any traffic in. I have 50 specific videos and I get barely 1 impression. Does anyone else get this problem?


I have been spending 6 weeks trying to optimize youtube and found that general Topic and Interest targeting presents videos that do not lead to high conversions from my ad. I am beginning to feel that youtube is not a place for direct conversions, and more for awareness, because so far, my conversion rates are low and the volumes are low. Are you guys experiencing the same thing?

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Re: Youtube TrueVuew in-stream + Standard in-stream conversions low

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Hi there 


Thanks for posting. That's a really interesting question. It sounds like you might be targeting only one placement which would go a long way to explaining why you're not getting all that much traffic. I know you mentioned that your topics had been too broad previously, but perhaps trying a handful more appropriate placements might be helpful?


Does anyone on the Community have any other thoughts on this?


This video on optimising True View campaigns might be able to help you out as well.


Hope this helps!


Re: Youtube TrueView in-stream + Standard in-stream conversions low

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So I have targeted 50+ placements 20 of them are channels, but youtube only focuses on a few channels. The specific videos barely get any impressions at all... I know youtube is optimizing, but my expectation as a user is that it should be trying all of them so i can judge which youtube video placement is more effective....


I just want to point out that because Standard in-stream is paid per click, but TrueView in-stream is paid per impression, so far TrueView is is way less effective... for $10 usd I can get 70 clicks on Standard, but in trueview, i only get 10 clicks... my conversions therefore are much higher in Standard in-stream with a 10% CTR. I cannot cover my costs in TrueView I get only about 70 views for $10USD, that means I would need to have a 100% click through rate from the views to match Standard...


Has anyone else encountered this problem or these comparisons? Because so far..... youtube advertising has not been compelling for me, it is low volume, expensive, and not scalable, which is somewhat disappointing.