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Youtube Placements - Adult content

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Hi everybody,


I have a this small problem with youtube ads, I am running a small video (in-stream ad)  I have chosen  my audience based on interests and demography. 


The problem is my video is being played on many semi or adult content which is obviously not my TG, I tried category exclusion but i couldn't find adult category,


Any suggestion how do i stop my ads being played on unwanted sites. 

Re: Youtube Placements - Adult content

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Hi SuryaKant S,


Welcome to Adwords Community Smiley Happy


You can exclude specific videos or channels from your overall targeting group with placement exclusions:


Videos: Use the URL format[VIDEO ID]. For 12345abcdefgHIJ is the ID of the video. You can find the ID of the video by looking at the URL of the actual video while watching it on YouTube: (The video ID is the long alpha-numeric code within the Watch page URL after "v=".)


Channel pages: Enter the URL of the channel. For example: To exclude all the video content within a channel, you'll need to exclude each video individually.


Know more here -


Hope that help.