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Your thoughts on my Campaigns Bidding Strategy

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Here is my second question of the day Smiley Happy


When I start a new ecommerce campaign I put a bid of 3$ for all keywords.


After 2 or 3 days after I got a few conversion like 10+ with a cost of 80$ per conversion Smiley Frustrated I start to slowly focus to reach position 1.8 for each keyword with adwords custom script. That process take a few hundreds or thousands dollars... Once I'm there I manually manage bif to try to get a cost per coversion of 20 - 24$. (Same for all my ecommerce business).


Now I'm wondering and I need your thoughts,


What if 2 or 3 days after launch I change all keywords bid to 10cents... Adwords will give me an error message for each keywords like : below first page bid... Then I would ask adwords to change my bid for first position bid estimate.... I think that way I would save hundreds or thousands (the time it normally take to go from 3$ per click to position 1.8 with my script +/- 5% change bid per day).





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Re: Your thoughts on my Campaigns Bidding Strategy

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Hello Charles

What I do usually is to start with a very high bid, this way I know I will get to a high position and then I compare after some days the CTR of each keyword and then I'll know if they have reached my CTR goals or not.
Those that didn't, need work with negative keywords filtering and ads.
Those that didn't received clicks/impressions yet, will remain with the very high CPC.
Those that already have a good QS, will get a decreace in CPC.
After a week or week and a half, I will monitor the amount of impressions lost because of budget and will adapt some CPCs according to that.

From that point on, I will adjust the CPC of every keyword according to its conversion rate, which is the same thing as CPA. I adjust it according to my goal CPA and the CR of every keyword.

Then, more ads to test, more work to improve CTR, etc.

This is my method, every advertiser has its own Smiley Happy

Take care!

Re: Your thoughts on my Campaigns Bidding Strategy

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Thank you very much for your experience Smiley Happy But I don't understand why you check CTR at first... In my account CPA of Keywords with CTR < 2% is about the same than Keywords with CTR > 2%. I even have keyword with CTR of 0.5% that perform very good.



Re: Your thoughts on my Campaigns Bidding Strategy

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Hello, Charles.

I've had this situation many times and the condition that dictated the strategy was the following: what is the asset that you have an excess of? Time or money?

If it's time, you start with lower bids and try to work your ads / extensions / choice of landing pages until you get your QS as high as possible (may be a slow process if you don't get impressions and clicks, but it helps to do all your homework before bidding a lot).

If it's money, you start with high bids and then you lower them until you get an acceptable click volume and CPA. But even in the second case it's good, again, to take care of ads, landing pages and extensions before you start spending a lot.

Hope it helps.
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