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Will .swf file type ads be shown to MAC or iOS users too?

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I want to create rich animated style display ads. So my understanding is that I need to create flash ads and convert them to .swf format and use it in Goodle Adwords. Could you pls let me know if I am right in my understandings and if these .swf files are visible to MAC or iOS users as Apple does not support flash.

My goal is to ensure that I create animated Display Ads to run Display campaigns via Google adwords and cover all kinds of audiences (Windows+MAC+Android+iOS)


Pls guide me on this.

Re: Will .swf file type ads be shown to MAC or iOS users too?

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Hey Ismail,

You are right about the .swf format.  For more formatting guidelines, check out these two articles in the AdWords help documentation:

If you want to target as broad an audience as possible, you'll have to use caution with the animated .swf ads.  Mac only supports Adobe Flash Player with plugins and .swf is not on the list of acceptable file formats for high-end mobile devices.  Depending on the animation effect that you hope to achieve, consider looking into a .gif or HTML5 format to increase your potential reach on various devices.  You can use the AdWords Ad Gallery to help you with this.


"Using Flash in Your Ad?" section of "Create Image Ads in Different Sizes" page:

"Not all devices support Flash. To help you reach customers using devices that don't support Flash, AdWords can create a non-Flash version of the ad for you. You should see an option to preview a non-Flash version of your ad when you upload a Flash file. Don’t see this option? Make sure your SWF file uses ActionScript 2.0 and avoid filters or blending if possible."


"AdWords can convert Flash to HTML5, which can be viewed on most major desktops, tablets, and mobile devices."


Hope this helps.