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Will pausing ads? ad pos>8 --->higher CTR

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Hi Everyone! My Greetings


I have a notion that if an ad is displayed below that position then it will have poor visibility, hence lower click through rate. Pausing the ad when it is being displayed at 9 and below position will limit impressions having poor ctr, and may increase my overall ctr. How much time does it take to pause and re-enable an ad?

I have one more query. If my ad is displaying on second page that is due to low bid * QS, in comparison to other bidders, it is not eligible for first page, then when some one searches a keyword trigerring my ad but its not eligible for first page, will it be counted as impression, even if it is on second or third page.


I am using a single exact keyword in a single adgroup with a few ads.




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Re: Will pausing ads? ad pos>8 --->higher CTR

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Hello Ujjwal,


You are correct in your thinking that less visibility will generally result in a lower CTR but rather than pausing the ad you could alternatively attempt to increase its position. Pausing an ad is an immediate action and enabling it again can be fairly instantaneous in most cases but will be re-reviewed at times. 


You will only get an impression if your ad is actually displayed to the user at that particular time. So if they were to navigate to the second page when you were in position 14 for example then your ad would receive an impression.



ScottyD, AdWords Top Contributor
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Re: Will pausing ads? ad pos>8 --->higher CTR

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Thanks Scott!