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Will automated rules affect items with flexible bid strategies?

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Hey guys, if I apply "Target Search Page Location" or other flexible bid strategy to Keyword_A, would the automated bidding rule that applies to all keywords in my account affect Keyword_A anymore? Possible scenario is as follows:


Keyword_A has flexible bid strategy: Target Top of Page Position

Automated Bidding Rule: runs weekly to raise bid by X% for those ROAS>10


Would Keyword_A's bid be raised by X% if its ROAS is greater than 10 this week?

Re: Will automated rules affect items with flexible bid strategies?

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HI Lucy
To answer your question directly , yes it will be raised by X% if ROAS is greater than 10.
"Target Search Page Location" will dynamically increase / decrease your base KW bid.
Automated rules will increase your base bid as a static rule running every week but your flexible bid strategy will dynamically change your bid practically for every impression.
Home this make sense
Regards, Nik
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