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Why the quality score varies so much

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Hi ,

We have an online store selling laptop chargers, and each page has similar structure, the title, the meta tags, and content. The main difference is the laptop model, may be i could call it core terms.

For example, page 1 is "dell inspiron 1545 charger" and page 2 "hp folio 13 charger".

And we are nowing buidling many ad groups, the main difference of ad content is also the laptop model, keywords too. But strangely I found that, the quality score is so much different.

For example, the QS of keyword "dell inspiron 1545 charger" for ad 1 maybe 10/10, while the QS of keyword "hp folio 13 charger" for ad 2 may be as low as 3/10. Why is that? 

I don't see any essential difference between the two. Could anyone help?



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September 2015

Re: Why the quality score varies so much

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Hi Marina,


There have been endless talks about the topic you just posted i.e Quality Score Smiley Happy


Many factors count towards the calculation of this magical metric. Past account history, keyword's past CTR, relevancy etc etc etc...


Honestly I would refer you to seek through the important threads posted by Tanmay (Google Employee) below:

Ingredients of QS

Recipe to making the perfect Quality Score Sauce


I am sure once you go through them, you will get a fair idea how QS is calculated and how you can have as high as 10 and as low as 3 QS attached to your keywords.


One thing more. QS is dynamic and if you work really hard to increase it, you will be able to see the difference gradually over a period of time. Feel free to write any queries if you have.


Best of Luck and Happy Reading!


Re: Why the quality score varies so much

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Today, they just released a new tool - in the adwords control panel, it shows:


Expected Clickthrough: Average


This new tool is very enlightening, it reveals what has been hidden for a long time.


The interesting thing about this is that at least for me, expected clickthrough is not at all correlated with actual clickthrough. That could be a big part of the explanation for why QS is so weird.