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Why the CTR is much higher in evening than that in the daytime?

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in additional to the lower CTR, only less than half of the budget are consumed in the daytime. Can someone tell me the reason? how to spend more money in the daytime? just to set the deliever mthod to " Show ads as quickly as reasonably possible"?

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Re: Why the CTR is much higher in evening than that in the daytime?

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You can adjust the ads delivered based on the timings. Go to Campaign> Settings > Advanced setting. Below the advanced setting select the option: Schedule: Start date, end date, ad scheduling. Then go for Ad scheduling.


Here you can specify the particular hours or days that you want your ads to be shown.


Good luck



Re: Why the CTR is much higher in evening than that in the daytime?

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Hi Lulu,


Your question is very open ended to be honest. It'd be better if you could provide a bit more information about the type of product or industry you're in. The situation you find yourself in can be due to any of the following reasons:


  • You are advertising in an industry wherein the search volumes for your keywords are very low
  • You are only running search campaigns for these low search keywords
  • You are running only exact match keywords
  • Your keyword bids are really low
  • You have not set your location settings accurately (Maybe you've selected a smaller region than you intended to)
  • Negative keywords that are in the account are blocking your keywords (So not all your keywords are running ads)


With regards to it being only a problem between the different hours in the day, it can be that the search trends for your industry are such that people search for you after reaching home for work or so. It'd help if you could check this data in Google Analytics if the same trend holds across different sources that deliver traffic to your website.


Changing the delivery setting would help a bit, but you should do a campaign audit to know if you've missed anything, and if you haven't then it'd help to add more Generic keywords and test those. A search query & ad report analysis should also help.


Please share more information if possible so we can help you better Smiley Happy

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Re: Why the CTR is much higher in evening than that in the daytime?

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Hello, Lu_lu.


One of the "easy" reasons would be that competition is higher during the daytime, and that altough you have a sufficient budget, your ads show in lower positions during daytime and therefore they don't get clicked so often.


Come evening, maybe part of the competition does not advertise, therefore you get higher positions, more clicks and higher CTR and also get to spend more money.


Go to the "Dimensions" tab and study how your CTR and average position vary by hour of the day. If you get lower positions during day time go to Settings - Ad scheduling and raise your bids during periods when you see that you get lower positions and lower CTR. Then check if increased bids during a certain period also lead to higher CTR.

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