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Why target English language if all my keywords are in English?

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Couldn’t I target ALL LANGUAGES for my Adwords campaign since all my keywords are in English?


If a Spanish or Chinese person searches for keywords in English, then we can assume they understand English. Right?


Thanks for the help!

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November 2016

Re: Why target English language if all my keywords are in English?

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@Arnaud J

In principle you are correct;

However,  AdWords is  a system aimed to show the relevant ads to the relevant audience. Targeting too broad is not recommended. You would agree, that in every country in which English is also spoken  there are 2-4 other major languages  (e.g. in Spain that would be Spanish, and in Switzerland: French, German and Italian...) identify those and  add them in addition English as a targeted language.

Also remember, that users who are fluent in English and speak  also another language, usually prefer to set their browser language  (a signal to Google of the languages spoken)  in English, so if your keywords are English targeting English should suffice.

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Why target English language if all my keywords are in English?

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Hi @Arnaud J,


I timed out while typing and just noticed a great answer posted by @MosheTLV. Since I fully agree with him, the below paragraphs should only be read as additions.


If you target English, the ad will show to users whose Google interface language is set to English. If you target all languages, the ad will show to any one. Precondition in both cases is of course that the user keys in a search term that matches one of your keywords. 


The $64 dollar question is what the difference is between the 2 scenarios that may cause confusion. Just a few examples: international words (e.g. corporation), locations (e.g. Chicago), names (e.g. Kennedy) etc. 


If you list broad match keywords versus exact keywords the scope of confusion may be larger of course. Just one example: 


You may want to list an English keyword say: broad match board hinting to the provision of regular meals when one stays somewhere. However, board may also refer to a group of people constituted as the decision-making body of an organization, such as a council or delegation. Therefore if a German speaker keys in the German word Delegation it will be matched by Google to your broad match keyword board in case your setting is All languages. If it is English it will not be displayed to him. 


Well, at the end of the day all the above considerations will boil down to a scenario where everything depends on what type of keywords you have listed and what their matching options are. They are the 2 most important factors based on which you can decide whether or not it is too risky for you to set the language feature to All languages. (I for one would not do that because some words may have different meaning in different languages even when their spelling is the same. There are a lot of traps and pitfalls, to say the least. E.g. The abbreviation mu will mean Manchester United in England while referring to Mathematikunterricht (math class) in German.) 




Why target English language if all my keywords are in English?

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Thank you for the responses!


I'm targeting about 20 countries that have multiple different languages. My keywords would only be searched by an anglophone person. There's no generic names. For example: buy white shoes


I would like to try targeting ALL LANGUAGES for a week or more and see the results.

We are in a niche market so it's not always easy to reach our daily budget. We are trying to get more clicks.