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Why my campaign performance is so poor, just 5-6 clicks per day

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I am using adwords for my blog promotion since two months, i am not getting traffic in numbers, only 5-6 clicks per day why? Its is my first experience with adwords, i am upset with performance, very very poor result

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Re: Why my campaign performance is so poor, just 5-6 clicks per day

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Hi Muhammad
Welcome to the community, and to AdWords.

First of all, AdWords is not easy. It takes a lot of time and trial and error to get it working for your specific needs.

I would suggest starting here:

AdWords is fantastic for direct response marketing, but using AdWords for branding and to increase readership is a little more tricky. You'll need to explore the features to see what works for your particular unique situation.

Next, this might seem cruel, but in most cases, especially with those newer to AdWords, the problem usually lies with the advertisers site.

For example, if you're advertising for the keyword "katy perry", you'll probably get a lot of clicks. But if your site is about medicine, the visitors you paid for will leave immediately and never come back.

With AdWords, the key is to match your content exactly to the keywords the user types into Google as well as making that content engaging enough for them to want to return. That last part is important and no amount of AdWords budget can make poor content great.

Finally, in terms of click volume, you have to remember that some keywords simply don't have that much volume. If you're bidding on obscure terms, you're going to get few clicks. Try using the keyword planner to expand your keyword lists and grab more traffic.

It's absolutely ESSENTIAL that you understand how AdWords works before you can really benefit from it. The link above is the best possible place to start. Before spending any more money and time on AdWords and getting frustrated, learn all you can about it. It will benefit you in the long run.

The days where you could put $100 into your AdWords account, pick a few keywords and watch the sales/subscriptions roll in have been over since 1999. AdWords is a serious and powerful advertising machine now. Using it without knowing how it (mostly) works is just going to cause heartbreak unless you're really lucky. Put in the time learning how it works and you wont be dissapointed.

Re: Why my campaign performance is so poor, just 5-6 clicks per day

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Hey Muhammad B,


It is very unfortunate your first experience with AdWords is not good. To help you better if you can share some more info about your blog, fellow members here can help you with best possible solutions.If traffic is the business objective you are looking at, analyze where your customers are (Either they look for you or you have to be infront of them). 


Help us by sharing few more information about your business model.



Shafi Ahamed