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Why low QS?

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We are running Google search ads for Domino's.


The keywords we are targetting are like domino's coupons, dominos discount coupons, dominos pizza coupons etc.


Our landing page is:



Our quality score is too low of about 3 to 5. And the bounce rate is too high of about 85%.



Request you to please suggest us how to increase the QS on search network and moreover our landing page bounce issue.




Re: Why low QS?

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Hello Rohan,

I don't think you will get an improved quality score on these keywords and ad.
Typically when you bid on keywords that are not relevant to the site, you will get a low quality score because ultimately Dominoes the company is the authority for their discounts and Google recognizes this.

Also trying Google-ing Dominoes discounts and see the pages that come up in the organic results. Are you on the 1st page. SEO is also tied into PPC. I would keep optimizing your site and also continue to explore keywords for better quality scores.

Hope this helps :-)
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Re: Why low QS?

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Why bother with search targeting at all? Why not just target for example: retailmenot, couponfollow, etc. as managed placements on the display network? Then add your Domino's brand KW's to refine the targeting to related pages?


If someone is looking for coupons for stuff in general, that seems like a more targeted audience for you than people perhaps searching for a pizza to be delivered in under 30 minutes. Smiley Happy Maybe the search audience bounces because search is more of a "Want, eat, now!!!" intent, and they don't have the time or patience for coupons?