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Why is our brand key word so high?

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We have a branding campaign with key words that are the same name as our business but the quality score is a little low (says due to lower than expected CTR) and the CPC is very high. What are some possible reasons for this?

If more information is needed I will be happy to provide.


Thank you in advance!

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Re: Why is our brand key word so high?

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If your Brand name includes Common Term names, then those keywords are subject the same criteria and competition factors for all advertisers in which CTR, QS and Ad Rank come into play with many many competitors, as apposed to few competitors that my just bid on your unique name.

For example.
If your brand name was unique
IE Kevennatorism there would not be a lot of people bidding on that term


for example your Brand name was "Keven Window Repair", the "window repair" would have significant competition. If you used a broad match term or even broad match modifiers for + Keven + Window + Repair , you are in the auction for people that are competing for Window Repair.

The quality score is a little low (says due to lower than expected CTR):
Which means people are not normally typing in your exact keyword terms

And the CPC is very High
People are bidding on some of the terms that are included in your Brand Name Phrase, thus pushing up the CPC.

In the window example I mentioned above, I have a client with a brand name that unfortunately for PCC has a $15-20 CPC. The brand name is great for SEO, but can get expensive for PPC,

Hope that helps . If not give us the example terms so we can evaluate better.

Re: Why is our brand key word so high?

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My experience: high CPC when bidding on brand-names with relatively low QS - are not uncommon due to the high competition. Remember that QS is relative: when the competition  becomes tough, "rising" above the average  (i.e getting  QS above average) -  is harder.

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