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Why is my % served low?

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How do I improve my % served. It currently is only 1.4%.

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Re: Why is my % served low?

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Hi Cheryl J and welcome to the Community.  I apologise for the delay in repsonding, as you may have noticed we're having some technical difficulties this weekend.


A low serving rate is going to be caused by one (or both) of two things:  low budget and or poor Quality Score.  Google will show your Ad only as often as is necessary to reach your daily budget so, for example, if your Daily Budget is $10 and your CPC is $1, you can afford 10 clicks a day.  If your Keyword is searched 1000 times a day, and the Impression to Click ratio (Click Through Rate) is 10%, that means you get a click for every 10 impressions so you could get 100 clicks a day.  Since your budget is only $10, your impression share will be only 10%.


If your Quality Score is low, your Ad may not be appearing on the first page of results so you'll be missing Impressions that way.


If you add the Search Lost IS (Budget) column to your Account you should be able to see how much of your lost impressions are down to budget.


More about Impression Share.



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