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Why is my ad relevance STILL below average?

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Hi All:  I currently have a few projects which I am trying to improve the quality score of a few keywords.  I currently have a quality score of 2.  I updated the landing page last week and it is currently listed as "average" by AdWords.  My CTR and ad relevance are both listed as "below average". The CTR isn't horrible, (about 3%) but I understand that I have to let that improve over time.  I have about 8 ads in the ad group and each uses the keyword at least once.  Some use the key word twice and some use it in the title.  Why is my ad relevance still "below average" more than a week later?  Do I need to give it more time, or is there something I'm missing?  

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Re: Why is my ad relevance STILL below average?

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You are going in good way, in starting of campaign the relevance between keywords and ad text matter a lot. Your keywords should be relevant to your ad texts and then your ad text should be relevant to landing page and quality of landing page.


I think 3% CTR is good for a campaign. CTR is one of the most important factor in determining the QS of keywords, please check what is overall CTR of ad group and campaign. 


Quality score of keywords also depend on the historical performance of those keywords and historical performance of those keywords in your targeting region. Keywords take some time to get good quality score, so I'll suggest you to wait for few more days.

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Re: Why is my ad relevance STILL below average?

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AdWords help wrote: 



A "below average" status means that your ad or keyword may not be specific enough or that your ad group may cover too many topics. Try creating tightly-themed ad groups by making sure that your ads are closely related to a smaller group of keywords
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Re: Why is my ad relevance STILL below average?

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Hi ddolabany51,


The key wo the low QS is "CTR and ad relevance are both listed as below average." Ad relevance is really measured by the CTR. Including your keywords in the ad copy helps only in that it should get more clicks that way. In the end, relevance is all about Google's predictive CTR.


Below average means as compared to your competition. Where I would be ecstatic with a 3% CTR (as long as they convert at a decent rate), that is low in some markets. I would take a look at the 8 ads in the group, see which is performing best and try to figure out why. Then get rid of the lowest performing ads and try to improve on the performance. The idea is to create ad text that is more relevant to the user (not more relevant to Google).


CTR on your keywords becomes the most significant factor of QS after the keyword has reached 1000 impressions.


You can try increasing your max CPC bid to get a higher position on the SERPs if your average position is low. That might improve your CTR, which will improve your QS. As you QS improves, you can lower your bid to maintain the sam ad rank.


Best of Luck!




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Re: Why is my ad relevance STILL below average?

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The key here is how your CTR is vs. your competitors, and what the overall industry CTR is. (Competitors account history would count here for them as well etc.)

You may want to check the opportunities tab, and see what Google thinks about you vs. your competition:

It may be a long slow slog up the quality score chain.

Focus on your own business metrics as well as CTR's, and it should all start going up Smiley Wink