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Why is my QS so low? Why is it changing?

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I don't understand why I am getting 3/10 for QS when I optimize other ad campaigns the same way and get 10/10. The competition for this ad group is definitely more, but I don't understand the difference in QS's. The landing page couldn't more of what someone would be looking for, informative, organized, easy to use product pages with the best images of any of our competitors. Help please!


Edit: So after 30 min. and no change my QS is up to a 5. Not where I want it to be, but better. Why is my QS changing?

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Re: Why is my QS so low? Why is it changing?

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As you've seen, quality score is a metric that can change several times in a day. While overall, long-term QS is a metric to keep an eye on, as one of the measures of the "health" of your account, it's not a keyword I'd worry a lot about on a daily basis. 


Check out this link for a better understanding of quality score -

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