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Why is Different CPC for the Same Keywords?

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I have two adwords account for the same location. First account have budget in INR and another have in dollars. I have added one keyword into both the account and it's quality score is same but adwords charged different CPC, in first account charged RS.36 and second account $4 for the same keyword. Can anyone suggest me the reason behind it?

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September 2015

Re: Why is Different CPC for the Same Keywords?

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My first concern is multiple Adwords accounts which you are running. I hope you are aware of the fact that as per Double Serving Policy, multiple Adwords accounts are not allowed for single business:-


I believe that different CPCs for same keyword actually depends upon your ad rank and Quality Score. It is independent of the currency you are using. So when the ad auction is performed, depending upon the actual competition between the advertisers, your CPC is calculated for that click when a search query is triggered on Google.


Read this article for more details:


Hope this helps!