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Why?? --> Max CPC is $.05, Ave CPC is $.79.

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The data show my Max CPC is $.05.  

But my average CPC is $.79.  

I cannot find the explanation.  


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September 2015

Re: Why?? --> Max CPC is $.05, Ave CPC is $.79.

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Are you targeting the search network and the diplay network?


If so it could be possible that you are looking the max xpx's for the display network and the search network has different bids and hence the higher CPC's.


It is also possible that you have an adgroup bid max of .05 but if you look at individual keywords their specific bids may be set higher.



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Re: Why?? --> Max CPC is $.05, Ave CPC is $.79.

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The person (?) who set up the campaign, started and still has settings for search only.


Keywords are set higher than $.05, as the awesome Kim suggests.  (Ty) 


Max bids for keywords, overule max bids for Ad Groups, I take it.

Re: Why?? --> Max CPC is $.05, Ave CPC is $.79.

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Hi ChrisatGIM,


Yes, you are correct that bids on actual keywords overule Ad Group bids.

Reasoning is that you may want the majority of the keywords in the group at one bid level while some other keywords you may want to bid higher/lower.


Hope this helps,