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Why does my initial Ads QS rating of 7 drop down to 4 or 5?

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Why does my initial Quality Score of 7 (during the 1st 24 hours) drop down to 4 or 5 after a couple days? I've seen this now for several of our campaigns.


Nothing changes in the Ad copy, Landing page, keyword or bid price, etc.


Please share your thoughts on why this is happening

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Re: Why does my initial Ads QS rating of 7 drop down to 4 or 5?

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Bob S,

The Initial Quality Score (QS) that you receive from Adwords is based primarily upon "How that Keyword has performed Overall as an estimate" in the system and on Average, but not based upon your individual settings, ad, match choice, targeting, landing pages and copy.

After the first day, your individual account parameters take over and a True Quality Score is given based upon your Landing Page, Ad, Match Types, Historical account performance etc.

This happens to every account and the initial QS can go higher or lower based upon your individual setup, settings etc.

Work the best practices, make sure you have negative keywords and all Ad extensions possible.


Also View the  keyword diagnosis and see which metric is below average out of the 3 i.e. expected CTR, Ad relevance and Landing Page experience and work on those.

Also at the end of the day, it's Conversions/ Sales that matter at the best possible (ROI). Quality Scores are just a factor in Ad rank and bid prices, but ROI and Sales are why we advertise. Work the ROI, but don't obsess over the QS,

I have some 10/10's that do great, I have some 10/10's that don't convert, I have some 5/10's that convert fantastically and provide a fantastic ROI.

Work your data, keep on it, TEST ad, landing pages, but FOCUS on the Conversions/Sales aspect more so then the QS.
( CTR is a big factor in QS so those CTR's increase so will the QS, )

Hope that Helps

Re: Why does my initial Ads QS rating of 7 drop down to 4 or 5?

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Hi Bob;

Expanding on the first part of your question - your initial QS is based on other advertiser's performance for this KW (based on its exact match form). This is a kind of a "default"  QS, until your KW gains impressions or time elapsed, and there is  enough statistics to calculate QS, based on your campaign performances.

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