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Why does Google make it so hard

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Why is Google so incredibly difficult to contact? I am simply a consumer that found an ad which contained false information. The price was significantly higher than the ad said. I tried to report the ad, but was required to include the ad address. On my Google Nexus phone, using the chrome browser, I am unable to copy the link to an ad. I am simply given the option to download the image, copy it, etc. Because Google requires the link, I am unable to report incorrect information, essentially false advertising.
This is ridiculous! I am not an advertiser, why, as a consumer, do I have to take to ranting in a forum in hopes that Google will take action? I cannot write it in why I dismissed the ad. I cannot report the ad from the dismissal page. I cannot report the ad because I'm using a phone. I cannot contact Google directly to report the ad. Google does a good job with non intrusive ads, but false ads and no way for consumers to voice their options or report improper ads is what leads people to use adblockers.

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November 2016

Why does Google make it so hard

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Hi Philip,


You could click on the ad. When you get to the landing page, tap and hold the address bar (the URL at the top of the page). You should get a popup menu that allows you to copy the address. Then go to Google's form and paste the address in by doing the same thing. Tap and hold the input field, then select paste.


That's the best I have to offer.


Best of Luck!




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