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Why do my ads generate more clicks from display network?

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So recently, we increased our monthly budget on Google Adwords, though kept our daily budget the same. Since this increase, we seem to be generating less clicks from search traffic than we were previously, yet more clickthroughs from the display network.


I have a few questions regarding this.


  • I would like to know the reason behind the sudden increase in clickthroughs from the display network, I understand Google recently did an upgrade to enable Adwords account holders to target mobile users, could this be the reason?
  • If so, some of the mobile apps our advert has appeared on (under the 'Placements' tab in Display Network) are completely irrelevant to the audience we would want to target thus not generating any clickthroughs although in some cases lots of impressions, as you would expect from a popular mobile app.

  • What is the difference between the 'Display Keywords' tab (under the Display Network) and the 'Keywords' tab? Both show the same keywords except those under 'Display Keywords' seem to have generated more than those under the general 'Keywords' tab, this never used to be the case until recently.


If anyone can shed any light on my question that would be great, thanks. 

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Re: Why do my ads generate more clicks from display network?

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Hi Sam, welcome to the Community.  There's quite a bit to go through there including, I must say, some fairly fundamental elements of how AdWords works, which has me a little concerned about whether you're spending your money effectively.


Firstly, I'm a little confused by your statement that you've increased the monthly budget but kept the daily budget the same.  Since AdWords only has one budget setting - daily - and since the monthly budget is effectively just the daily budget multiplied by the number of days in the month, I can't see how you can increase one and not the other.  Can you expand on this?  Are you saying that you used to pause your advertising during the month?


AdWords has indeed recently undergone a change in device targeting.  In fact it has long been possible to target mobile devices - that's not new - but the most likely change you're seeing from what you've described is that you're now targeting tablets whereas perhaps before you weren't.


However, it is your comments about the Display and Keywords tabs that most concern me.  These are core to how AdWords works and if you're not fully versed in the difference between them and the effect they have on your Campaign(s) and your spend then I'm very worried that your money is probably not being spent effectively.  I would suggest that you read through the material I've linked to below - and I'd encourage you to explore the help content and links therein fully - and then if you have any more questions, that you come back to us with them.


More about the Search and Display Networks

More about Display nework targeting methods

More about Enhanced Campaigns



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