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Why do I have high CTR and little/no conversions?

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Our CTR is currently 0.18%. We have been using adwords for 2 months now and only have on conversion. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Why do I have high CTR and little/no conversions?

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Hi DataPro S and welcome to the Community.

First off, 0.18% is not a "high CTR", not even if you're looking only at the Display network.  If you're targeting only the Search network it's a very long way from high, where I wouldn't be happy with anything less than 3% and prefer to see double figures.  CTR on the Display network is always a lot lower and often less than 1% but I'd say 0.18% is only really average.

More importantly, CTR does not necessarily have any bearing upon conversions.  CTR is a measure of how often an Ad is clicked after being shown and therefore could be considered a gauge of how relevant the Ad appeared to the web user.  Conversions are of course also influenced by "relevance", but in my experience poor conversion rates are mostly about the website, not AdWords.  If you're sending a lot of people to your site who appear ready to buy your product and they don't, the problem lies with the website, not AdWords.


Of course, if you are advertising on the Search network and this CTR is therefore very low, this could well indicate poor relevance for the Ads themselves, in which case you may have more than one problem.



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