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Why can't I use Conversion Optimizer?

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Hi There


I have a campaign running for the past 9 days, with over 800 conversions however the conversion optimizer option is staying disabled


Adwords support has been telling me there is a problem for the past 3 days however they are not giving me any further information or offering any sort of solution (and in general are very unresponsive and not helpful at all)


This has never happened to me before (usually CO becomes available within 3-4 days if there are enough conversions) and is really frustrating 


Another symptom I'm seeing is that in the Adwords Editor I get a warning the the account is not setup for conversion tracking and so Enhanced CPC will not work. In the Adwords web interface everything looks normal though (conversions being tracked, enhanced CPC enabled)


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated !




Re: Why can't I use Conversion Optimizer?

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Normally this is not happening with campaigns if you have enough conversions. You should wait for at least 30 days. This might be cause of history.