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Why can't I see my ad on a Mobile device?

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Many advertisers who advertise on both mobile and desktop sometimes tell us that they can never see their ad when they are searching on a mobile device. Sinead, from the AdWords team is here to tell us why that might be and how to resolve it.

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Re: I can't see my ad on a Mobile device!

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First thing for both desktop and mobile, is if you repeatedly search for your own ad using Google Search but never click on it, you may stop seeing it. This is because we recognise that the user has not clicked on the ad and therefore suggests they are not interested. This is to benefit you in the long run! If it was a user who continuously searched for similar search terms triggering your ad it would increase the impressions you are receiving which would lower your CTR.


We have designed the ad preview tool so that you don’t need to go searching for your ad on the search engine. The ad preview is really handy as you can see if your ad is showing at that time and the position it is showing in, it simulated a search which you can’t click on! The great thing about the ad preview tool is that it does not count as an Impression and this not lowering your CTR.


There are many common reasons why you may not see your ad, even though it says it’s running:

  • You may not be able to find your ad if you've scheduled it to run only at certain hours of the day, or days of the week. So you should check your ad scheduling.
  • Also your Daily budget may have been reached or approaching it’s limit.


If you are seeing your ad on a desktop, but not a mobilecheck that you don’t have a decreased bid adjustment of 100% in your device targeting which can stop the ad from showing on mobile. If you want to show on mobile you will need to reduce or remove this mobile bid adjustment.


Another reason that could be prevent your ads from showing on mobile and this is your website.  If you are not getting and clicks and impressions for mobile, but you are for desktop, you will need to check your ad to check it’s status, if the status is “Approved Limited” this could potentially mean your advert will not be shown on Mobile. This is something your local support team can check for you! The reason it will say limited in this situation is due to the fact that your site has been deemed mobile unfriendly. This could be due to the layout of the page and other reasons, such as Flash on the landing page. Having Flash content on your landing pages is not suitable to view on mobiles and rather than give potential clients a bad impression we won’t show your ad on mobile but just on desktop. If you are eager for your ad to show on mobile you will need to remove the flash or fix the issue that has made it mobile unfriendly!