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Why can't I monitor my own advertising? Seeing is believing.

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Simple is best. Just sell me space for 30, 20 or 10 days or whatever.  I want to go to the page where I bought the space and see the ad. When my time is up, I can renew, try another page or cancel. Confusion breeds trouble and I think you guys are headed for it. 

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Re: Why can't I monitor my own advertising? Seeing is believing.

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Sorry you are having an issue monitoring your advertising. One thing a lot of clients I work with like is that with Google AdWords the advertiser is really behind the driver's seat. This means YOU have total control over:

1. Locations your ads will show
2. Exclusions if you don't want your ads to show up in specific areas
3. Showing keywords or websites you want to trigger your ads
4. Budget - You as the advertiser set your own budget (daily and monthly)

It sounds like you want to advertise on the display network. If you tell me more about your products or services I can help give you a better idea of where you should advertise display vs. search or maybe both. I am sure others in the community will also give you some input.

For more information on display -

If you decide to go with display you can choose websites you want your ads to show, exclude websites you don't want your ads to show on, set your daily/monthly budget and if you decide that you only want to run your ads for 30 days you have the option to pause your ads and start them up when you are ready to advertise again.

You may want to look into remarketing lists this way you can remarket to visitors who have visited your website.

I hope this was helpful, let me know if you have any further questions or if I did not completely answer your question.

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Re: Why can't I monitor my own advertising? Seeing is believing.

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Hi and welcome to the Community.

Have you tried AdWords Express?  It's a much simpler version than standard AdWords and sounds like it may be more suitable for your needs.  AdWords really isn't a "simple" product, it's designed to suit any type of advertiser, including professionals who require all the various options and settings.


More about AdWords Express



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