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Why bother with state & country targeting?

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I have seen multiple agencies [...okay - only two...] set up location targeting to the US on the country level, as well as specific states within the US, in the same campaign. No bidding adjustments were being made on a state level, and I am trying to figure out what on earth the benefit of that would be. This is not a retail campaign, but more of a SaaS offering, so no state or city specific searches would be used to find this service. So...what am I missing here? Is targeting state and country overkill, or is this a fancy technique that opens the campaign up to more traffic? Any insight would be appreciated - thank you! Smiley Happy

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September 2015

Re: Why bother with state & country targeting?

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Geo targeting is set at the campaign level. If the same campaign has the US AND specific states selected then that will make no difference / the state selection is redundant.

However, if an account has multiple campaigns, one of which covered the US and others specific states, then ideally these specific states should be excluded in the general campaign.

The reasons for selecting specific states could be numerous : scheduling, bid adjustments, state related ad copy, and so on - but segmentation only works if you are segmenting / not including on top of inclusions - so on the face of things, Im with you... it doesn't make much sense.