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Why are my impressions down, clicks down, Avg CPC up and Avg Pos higher?

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There was a sudden increase in my CPC for a campaign I'm working on late last month and I have no idea what's going on with it. The ad group in question has 20 active keywords from exact, broad modifier, and phrase match with QS ranging from 8-10 with the problem keywords being exact and broad modifiers having a QS of 9-10. 


My bids did not change but I applied an ad schedule late in Feb due to a noticeable decline in conversions. To ensure we had a 100% impression share for peak hours and peak days and stayed competitive during these days, I removed poor performing hours or applied negative/positive bid adjustments to times where the client just wanted their ads to show. After seeing this initially spiked our CPC to heights they weren't comfortable with ($1.50 to $3.00), I removed the ad schedule but our CPC continued to climb and traffic metrics continued to fall. 


I researched that increasing the CPC may have allowed for us to show in more auctions for our broad modifier keywords we weren't eligible for before but that would mean my impressions should have gone up - but they have only decreased. These keywords already had an Avg Pos ranging from 1-1.2 so I didn't expect much of a push in terms of Avg Pos but maybe to show in more auctions during peak hours but this has only gone down as well as our conversions and CTR. Impression share is unchanged at 100%. Maybe a drop in search volume due to seasonality but my account is a car dealership and March is apparently a pretty good month so I'm not sure if competition may be the issue - in which case how can I find this out if auction insights only give me data on previous periods and there isn't enough data during the problem period for me to see auction insights for this campaign. If it is a competitor who is driving up their bids and changing the playing field, how can I increase my volume if increasing my CPC is driving down my traffic? Should I decrease my CPC further to find that happy medium because Google may find that my current CPC is now insufficient enough to maintain the first position and hopefully increase my volume at a lower position?



Re: Why are my impressions down, clicks down, Avg CPC up and Avg Pos higher?

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Hi Alex,

Have you consider the impact of the removal of the sidebar ads? because what you are explaining falls into the "effects" of such change. I copied some article that might be able to provide a bigger picture.
Hope this is helpful!